With all the headlines about the Covid pandemic along with social unrest, we are seeing a silver lining for those who collect and invest in the arena of numismatics or bullion. Rare coins have been selling very well online especially as the conventions have not been able to take place. Usually we can use shows as a barometer for how the market is doing but now we are relying more on our online sales. Between web orders and phone calls we have not slowed down. Common silver dollars have seen a rise in premiums as demand has increased with those who like to buy silver in old coin form. We have been able to stock our supply of these on the web for you. Bullion premiums skyrocketed at first in the Covid panic, but now the supplies are slowly catching up and the premiums are adjusting back down a bit and we suspect will do so more. Precious metal prices seem like they are poised for a run up as many are predicting that the money we have printed during this pandemic can only fuel the fire of inflation and thus rising prices for gold and silver. For our local customers you can view our current prices on our bullion page. Remember we are always adding new coins so keep checking back for what you are looking for.