Month: July 2019

Looking back for Carson City’s future

When talking about Carson City to those not from our area, our city gets related to Kit Carson, Mark Twain, the Carson City Mint and the old west. Our history is a rich crossroads to the beginnings of our country’s westward expansion. Images of dark rough saloons, miners drinking belligerently, ladies of the night, and poker tables stacked with silver dollars and gold coins come to one’s mind. The name Carson City conjures all of these images far better than any Hollywood producer ever could.

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Selling Coins in Online Auctions

At first the internet auctions were a tough place to sell coins as there were very few bidders. Then a tidal wave ensued and the number of people buying and selling online flooded in. Just as a tidal wave is indiscriminate, so was this new phenomenon. Not only did it sweep in good buyers and sellers, but also an ever growing unethical element. Online auctions have morphed into not only a new selling ground, but also the devils playground for those looking to make a quick buck.

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Coin Values: Making the Grade

In the world of numismatics there are a few factors that help decide the value of a coin. The date and mint mark determine how many were made and the rarity factor, but the grade or condition could be considered the most important. Modern coin grading is based on a 70 point scale, 1 being the lowest and 70 being the highest. In many cases one point higher in grading can increase a coins price by multiples.

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Our Website

Enjoy searching one of the country’s most extensive online inventory of rare coins right here on our website. We consider this our fourth store. With stores in Reno, Carson City and Gardnerville you can shop in person or...

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