Month: June 2019

GSA Carson City Dollars

Carson City dollars have long been coveted by collectors for their rarity and allure. When the U.S. Government took us off of the silver standard in the 1960’s there was a window in which you could redeem your paper for the silver in the treasury department. Much of this silver was in the form of silver dollars. Eventually the redemption time was up. But the government was then left with a new and interesting problem, it still had silver dollars left in the vaults and to top it off many of those coins were Carson City dollars. Melting the remaining coins would have been a tragedy. Instead the Government Services Administration (GSA for short) was given the task of packaging these coins for sale to the general public.

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Buying Silver is Full of Choices

This week we will look at how to buy silver with a focus on the physical products available. Just as in gold there are funds that are based on silver. Buying in the stock market offers speed and accuracy but lacks the actual...

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Silver Certificates Notes from the Near Past

Silver certificates were a standard currency in our country for nearly 100 years. From their inception in 1878 till their final printing in 1963 (series of 1957), silver certificates were designed to be backed by the value of actual silver. With silver on the rise in the 1960’s the actual value of a silver dollar was becoming more than the face value of a one dollar note forcing the U.S. to quit printing them.

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