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Link to because we are always buying gold jewelry, rare coins, bullion, Rolex & other watches, certified Diamonds, old paper money and more.
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Metals and Collectibles

Metals and Collectibles

With the onset of Covid we saw metals tank only to rebound and take off. Gold hit all time highs and silver made a lot of head way. We are seeing some pull backs but many are anticipating a quick rebound. With metals being volatile many have looked beyond just the spot prices and are starting to buy the more advanced numismatics. We are seeing strong prices for the very upper end of the coin market and a mixed bag in the rest. Many coins are gaining strength at current numbers but a few are going begging for a new home. Overall the sentiment has been strong and positive for rare coins and metals both and the future looks exciting for collectibles. We have been working hard to keep up with demand and are adding lots of new coins to the site, so keep checking in and if you have a specific coin you are looking for make sure to use our want list feature.

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Enjoy searching one of the country’s most extensive online inventory of rare coins right here on our website. We consider this our fourth store. With stores in Reno, Carson City and Gardnerville you can shop in person or you can shop all three stores at once, including all of our back up boxes, right here online. Of course, if you are in the area our main store is located in historic downtown Carson City and is directly across the street from the Carson City mint. We are just 20 minutes south of Reno and Sparks, and about the same from beautiful Lake Tahoe. We welcome you to visit us and see one of the finest coin shops in the country.

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