Uncirculated GSA Morgan Dollars

A few short years after the United States quit making silver coins the Treasury discovered that it was holding a great number of silver dollars in its vault as cash. Most of these dollars were from the famous and long closed Carson City mint. Since the dollars were worth much more than their face value the government needed a way to distribute them fairly and for more than a dollar a piece. It turned to the Government Services Administration. Hence the nickname GSA. The GSA packaged each coin in its own holder and the coins were sold via mail bid. Most of the coins were 1882, 1883, and 1884 Carson City dollars, but it also included many 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1885, 1890, and 1891 Carson City dollars. There is one 1889-CC known and I saw an 1893-CC trade hands in October of 2002. I have heard of 1892-CC’s in GSAs, but have never known of one to trade. Along with the Carson City dollars, there were a number of other coins encased in the hard GSA holders. These GSA Dollars have become more collectable over the years and we will offer them as well when we have them.

If you collect Carson City GSA Morgan silver dollars we are the place for you. We handle not only a host of ungraded Carson City GSA Morgans, but also GSA coins that are graded by NGC and PCGS.In fact, many of the top registry sets contain coins that have come from Northern Nevada Coin. Our broad knowledge and extensive inventory can help you when collecting GSA Morgan silver dollars.

We offer GSA Morgan dollars un-certified or certified by either NGC or PCGS. NGC grades GSA Morgan dollars by strapping a blue sticker around the hard plastic shell of the GSA Morgan. These stickers are tamper proof and retain the original dimensions of the GSA holder. PCGS, on the other hand, encapsulated the entire original GSA plastic in a larger case. These cases are designed to resist tampering and protect the original GSA plastic case. The PCGS label is included on the inside of the case designating the grade of the GSA Morgan inside.

GSA coins will typically grade MS-60 to MS-63+. If you are looking for the rare 1879-CC, 1890-CC, and 1891-CC GSA’s we will have those listed below in the individually priced section. We also carry non Carson City GSA Morgans in this section, so keep checking as we are always adding new inventory.

The Carson City GSA dollars we sell are nice coins with their original black box and COA. You’ll not only receive the coin in it’s hard plastic case, but also the black presentation box and the dated* certificate of authenticity just as these pieces originally came from the U.S. Government!! They make a great collectible or unique gift idea. Ordering from us guarantees that you are getting a superior product and all of the original material. Don’t settle for less! *Please note: the GSAs that are not from Carson City will come in the hard plastic GSA case and an original black box.

* GSA’s that do not say Uncirculated on the plastic cases have
generic certificates of authenticity with no specific date on them. Some of our individually
listed coins may be labeled this way, but all coins listed in our pricing grids are only coins that say UNCIRCULATED on the case.